Daily Archives: 06.11.2016

We  fold origami Panda from paper  . Take the black and white sheet of paper. Put from him the basic square form the white party outside. Head 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally. 2. Fold in half again. 3. Straighten and flatten out the top layer of […]


In this article, we will  fold paper origami daisy. For this take a square sheet of paper. 1. On the sheet make straight diagonal excesses. 2. Fold corners on  dotted lines to the center of a square from all directions.All angles should converge on the middle of the square, as shown  arrows. Turn workpiece […]


We fold origami  nightingale from paper.Let’s take the square sheet of paper. 1. Fold paper in half diagonally. 2. Fold it back only about 3/4 of the upper layers of paper. 3. Fold in half. 4. Unbend under an inclination a wing of a nightingale up. 5. The future head […]