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Fold origami doggie from paper.    1. Fold the square diagonally and fold to her the upper lateral sides. 2. Now fold the lower sides. 3. Define exactly where the fold line passes! 4. Check the results and turn the figure. 5. Bend on the specified line. 6. Fold two triangles. Obtuse […]


Fold  origami cock from paper. 1. Fold a square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then develop. 2. To the planned line fold the lower and top corners. 3. The basic form  “kite”. 4. Fold “mountain”workpiece  in half. 5. Plan a fold. 6. Divide the workpiece into three equal […]

Cock 2

Now we will learn how to fold origami cock from paper. 1. Fold the first square on the middle line and turn it. 2. Fold on diagonals, turn. 3. Fold at the same time on all the specified lines. 4. In front and behind bend the lower lateral sides of a figure […]


We fold a penguin from paper. 1. We start to fold as shown in the picture and go to the picture 2. 2. Fold the resulting triangles upward. Check the result. Fold in half figure. 3. We start to fold as shown in the picture, сheck the result on the picture 4. Repeat […]

Penguin 3

Fold origami penguin from paper. 1. Fold lateral sides to the diagonal. 2. Basic form  “kite”. Fold “mountain”. Turn. 3. Turn off “valley” the top layer of paper. Repeat with the other side. 4. Make two more folds “valley” . 5. Unfold the upper corner and formulate the muzzle of penguin. 6. […]

Penguin 2

In this article, we will fold origami pelican from the paper. For this you need to take a square sheet of paper. 1. Fold the square in half. 2. Fold the top lateral sides to the central vertical. 3. Again, fold the top sides to the vertical. Turn the figure. 4. Fold it […]


Fold pony from paper.There is one more similar scheme of origami of a pony which in details is a little more difficult in folding. You can look and choose which you like more Origami Horse. We proceed to the folding origami Pony for this we need a square sheet of paper. 1. Fold […]


We fold origami parrot from paper . Let’s take two square sheets of paper of different colors. From one we will put most parrot, and the second at us will be a tail.The second sheet of the tail should be 2/3 the size of the first. Body 1. Take big […]