Daily Archives: 19.03.2017

Origami Dog in the booth
We fold origami dog in the booth from the paper. 1. Fold a square on diagonals and turn it. 2. Fold along the middle lines. 3. Fold the top corner to the center. 4. Press down on the center and bend at the same time for all the marked lines. 5. Check the […]

Dog in the booth

Origami - Scottish terrier
Fold origami Scottish terrier from paper. You will need paper,painted on both sides equally. On our pictures, one side is left white for convenience. 1. Fold the square to the midline. 2. Fold the two diagonals. 3. Fold the right edge along the bisector of the specified angle. 4. Connect the marked […]

Scottish terrier

Origami pig
Fold origami pig from the paper.  1. Half of the square ( 1:2) fold along the bisectors of the two upper corners and turn. 2. Fold on the specified lines. 3. Fold the two triangles at the bottom and turn the figure. 4. Press the marked point and bend at all of […]

Pig 2

Origami - Samurai
We fold origami samurai from the paper. Top part. 1. Fold a square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then develop. 2. Now fold “valley” all the corners to the center. 3. The basic form  “pancake”. 4. Unbend “mountain” all four corners to the center. Turn. 5.Turn. 6. Fold […]