Origami Boat

Make a boat from a paper absolutely simple if you follow the simple instructions in the picture. Let’s start to do origami boat.

1. You need to start with rectangular piece of paper, colored side up.

Hide in half and then open it.

2. Now fold the sheet in half down.

3. Сurrently bend the angles to center line as shown in the picture.

4. Hide the top layer up and do the same to the back. At the same time, remember that you need to bend well.

5. Now pull the side and press down.

6. Fold front layer up to top, then do the same at the back.

7. Pull apart from one another as shown in the picture and press down well.

8. The last thing you need to do is carefully pull the top part of the model outward, making the shape of a boat.

You only will it straighten in order to add stability.

Origami Boat

Our origami boat completed. Good job.

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