Composite origami

Circuits origami consisting of several sheets of paper by folding.

Origami - Samurai
We fold origami samurai from the paper. Top part. 1. Fold a square sheet of paper on a diagonal and then develop. 2. Now fold “valley” all the corners to the center. 3. The basic form  “pancake”. 4. Unbend “mountain” all four corners to the center. Turn. 5.Turn. 6. Fold […]


We fold origami parrot from paper . Let’s take two square sheets of paper of different colors. From one we will put most parrot, and the second at us will be a tail.The second sheet of the tail should be 2/3 the size of the first. Body 1. Take big […]


We fold  origami of Laika from paper.   1. For work you need two of the same square -for forward and back parts of a figure.Fold the first square on the middle lines and turn it over. 2. Fold on diagonals and turn. 3. Fold at the same time on all specified […]


Origami Sliding boy
 Today we fold sliding boy from paper. 1. Fold diagonally. 2. Divide a corner in 180 degrees into three equal parts and  fold the sides of of a triangle toward the central parts. 3. Result. Turn on the table and turn. 4. Draw the boy’s face, arms and legs.Fold the workpiece “mountain”. Then […]

Sliding boy

Origami Dog
Now we going to fold  a dog from paper. Head 1. You have to planned  vertical diagonal,  and fold basic form  “triangle”. 2. Fold up “valley” one layer of paper. 3. Make two folds “valley”. 4. Open pockets and flatten out, having executed two folds “mountain”. 5. Lay inside corner […]


We  fold origami Panda from paper  . Take the black and white sheet of paper. Put from him the basic square form the white party outside. Head 1. Take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally. 2. Fold in half again. 3. Straighten and flatten out the top layer of […]


Origami kitten
Author: Alfredo Giunta In this article we will learn how to fold origami kitten  from paper. For this we need two square sheet of paper. Head 1. Fold down the first square on middle lines and turn it. 2. Fold on diagonals, turn. 3. Fold at the same time on all of the […]


Origami rabbit
We fold  of origami of a rabbit from paper Body 1. The basic form of “kite” there will develop a little different. Plan vertical diagonal on the square sheet of paper. 2. Mark two more folds. 3. Turn off the lower part of sheet up. 4. Fold the “valley” sides. 5. […]

Rabbit 2

Origami leveret
In this article we will put a leveret from paper. For this origami we need two square sheets of paper. Head 1. Fold the base form “triangle”. Mark a fold the middle of the workpiece. 2. Fold “mountain” the lower part. 3. Turn off “mountain” the right side. 4. Follow the […]


Origami cornflower
 We fold origami of a flower cornflower from paper . For our cornflower need 4 square sheet of paper. 1. Gently fold sheet diagonally. 2. Fold the sheet edge on the line as it shows the shooter in the picture.Turn  workpiece of origami of a cornflower by 45 degrees counterclockwise. 3. […]


Origami anemone
We fold a flower an anemone from paper. For this purpose we need seven small square sheets of paper, each of which will become a petal. 1. Fold each petal of an anemone in half. 2. In the resulting rectangle fold the edge of one layer of the paper diagonally upward. 3. On […]