Origami technique

Schemes of origami of the equipment, part of a section of origami objects.

Origami Boat – Sailboat
We fold a boat sailboat from paper. 1. Fold two parties to the middle. 2. Now bend a half back. 3. Fold as shown in the picture. Overturn and repeat on the other side. 4. Check the result. Lower one part down (open a figure). 5. Check the result. We fold diagonally,so that […]

Boat – Sailboat

Origami Racing machine
We fold the racing machine from paper. 1. Fold a sheet of A4 in half. 2. Make the basic forms “double triangle” at the top of and in the bottom of a strip. 3. Fold lateral faces to the  midline. 4. Put the angles to the center line. 5. Connect the points […]

Racing machine

Origami car
We fold origami the car from paper. 1. Fold the square sheet in half and expand. 2. To the planned line fold sides. 3. The basic form  “door”. 4. Fold the top layer of paper by executing two fold “valley”. 5. Fold the workpiece “mountain”. 6. Bend corners inside. 7. […]


Origami airplane
We collectting the airplane from paper. 1. Mark the line. 2. Fold  two corners. 3. Fold “valley”. 4. Lower corners. 5. Fold valley. 6. Fold “mountain”. Turn. 7. Lower wings down. 8. Bend angle of 90 degrees both wings. 9. Airplane from paper is ready.


Origami Fighter aircraft
Hi. Now we  will do the fighter aircraft from paper.   1. Mark the line. 2. Fold two corners. 3. Fold the “valley”. 4. Fold “mountain” 5. Fold the “valley”. Repeat with the other side. Turn. 6. Fold the wings as shown in the picture. 7. Our fighter aircraft from paper is […]

Fighter aircraft

Origami Boat
Make a boat from a paper absolutely simple if you follow the simple instructions in the picture. Let’s start to do origami boat. 1. You need to start with rectangular piece of paper, colored side up. Hide in half and then open it. 2. Now fold the sheet in half down. 3. Сurrently bend […]


Origami Rocket
           I greet you! Today you can learn how fold paper origami “Rocket”. 1. At first take a square sheet of paper and fold it horizontally. 2. Next you need fold it in half again. 3. Is now pull the upper left corner, only one layer of paper and then open and […]