The fish – kite 2

In this article we will fold a kite in the form of fish. You can of course fold and simply fish on this scheme.

1. Take a square sheet of paper and mark a vertical diagonal.

2. Fold lateral sides to the middle of the sheet and develop.

3. Mark 2 more folds.

4. Now mark  horizontal diagonal.

5. Fold lateral sides to the middle.

6. The basic form “fish”. Fold in half.

7. Unbend future fins to the right and down.

8. Nose of a small fish is bent back, so that he was fully behind the figurine, the tail is bent so that he went to the top like the picture 9.

9. Origami  kite in the form of fish is ready. Remains only bring color our fish.

Origami - The fish – kite

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