Pig 2

Origami pig

Fold origami pig from the paper.

 1. Half of the square ( 1:2) fold along the bisectors of the two upper corners and turn.

2. Fold on the specified lines.

3. Fold the two triangles at the bottom and turn the figure.

4. Press the marked point and bend at all of the lines at the same time.

5. Top corner bend down, not reaching the horizontal line.

6. Result largely. Lifting upward and opening two side pockets flatten out the lower direct corner.

7. Check the result –  you will get a penny. Fold the two lower triangles so,that their sides touch the marked points. Turn the figure.

8. Bend her in half and on all specified lines.

9. On the right part make folds lightnings(the marked points coincide), and on the future muzzle, fold the paper on bisectors of small triangles at the edges of the patch.

10. Fold on all specified lines (Check the result in the following picture).

11. On the right bend a triangle inside on a bisector of the top corner.

12. Pull out the future tail .

13. Bend outside tips of ears (you press on the specified points).

14. Make the back of the slightly narrower and turn the figure.

15. Bend inside an obtuse angle of a back.

16. Slightly open the figure, curl tail hook and turn the figure.

17. Bend inside the triangles acting behind the triangles.

18. Slightly round the patch – from above bend two triangles, and at the bottom bend them back.

19. Origami pig is ready. Take 6 pink squares smaller, cut in half and fold cheerful family from 12 small pigs.

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