Hi. We fold origami of a pig. For this we need a square sheet of paper.

1. Mark the line.

2. Fold “valley” to the planned line.

3. Mark vertical line. Turn.

4. Fold lateral sides to the middle.

5. Open and flatten out top of workpiece  a pig.

6. Open and flatten out the bottom of the workpiece.

7. Make two folds “valley”.

8. Fold “valley”.

9. Turn off a corner to the right. Repeat with the other side.

10. Form a pig leg, folded triangles on the specified line. Repeat steps folds the other side.

11. Create a muzzle of a pig, having filled a corner inside. Also make a tail at origami.

12. Fold inside a little corner on the muzzle pig – you will turn out the patch. Now we will start to further formation of tail.

13. Fold a little corner “valley”.

14. Origami pig from paper is ready.

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