Origami Rocket

           I greet you! Today you can learn how fold paper origami “Rocket”.

1. At first take a square sheet of paper and fold it horizontally.

2. Next you need fold it in half again.

3. Is now pull the upper left corner, only one layer of paper and then open and flatten. It should look like the picture.

4. So that you have happened flip it.

5. Then fold the “valley”. For more details see the picture.

6. My dear friend open and flatten yet another part of the workpiece.

7. You have got basic form “double triangle”.

8. Fold the “valley” to the sides of the center line. And repeat the same on the other side.

9. Lay down again “valley.” And repeat on the other side.

10. You should  directed all four legs of the model.

11. The last thing you need to do is bend the corners at an angle of 90 °. Repeat on the other side

12. That’s all. Our origami paper “Rocket” ready.

Here you can watch the video how to do origami:

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